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We work with a variety of sports and pride ourselves in providing the best sports physical therapy in the valley. We have had the luxury of working with professional and top tier collegiate athletes. 

Typical Sports Pathologies Seen: 

  • Post Season Soreness

  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation 

  • Muscle strains/sprains

  • Joint pain with specific athletic movements


All these pathologies typically have a root problem which must be corrected along with site of pain/discomfort. 

Physical Therapy Treatment Priorities: 

  • We prioritize returning athletes back to the playing field as quickly as possible. 

  • Our goal is to not only solve the painful problem area but correct any root problems causing the pain, discomfort or limitation. 

  • We prioritize not only correcting the problem but also educating the athlete to help them better understand what and why they are having the problem. 

  • RTS prioritizes manual therapy during the treatment sessions and providing the corrective exercises to be done on your own time. Doing the correctives is a must to see results. 

Every athlete is different and should be treated different depending on what their limitations are. Each physical therapy treatment session will focus on progressing the athlete back to the field with a manual approach and updating their correctives each visit. 

If you are interested in having an RTS Physical Therapist help you return to running or reach your running goals, fill out this quick form!

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