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Mobilization with movement

  • Mobilization with Movement is typically how our therapists see lasting results with patients. The technique allows the movement or joint to restore full pain-free range of motion. 

  • With this technique, the therapist will apply a passive accessory joint mobilization while the patient performs the painful movement. When the correct mobilization is utilized, the movement will regain full pain-free movement. Our joint and muscle mobilization in Scottsdale can help you see lasting effects by increasing your mobilization with movement.

  • Our Doctors of Physical Therapy were trained by the Mulligan Concept Association. 

Mobilization with Movement for Shoulder Pain

Mobilization with Movement for Shoulder Pain

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Mobilization with Movement is effective at treating:

  • Headaches

  • Neck pain when looking certain direction

  • Shoulder pain when lifting or reaching

  • Elbow pain during recreational activities

  • Mid or low back pain reproduced with a specific movement

  • Hip pain when squatting

  • Knee pain with movement

  • Ankle pain with movement

what the research says..

  • Mobilization with movement (MWM) showed to be the superior treatment for Primary Shoulder Impingement versus the control group, exercise group and exercise with mobilization group. The MWM group demonstrated the greatest change in active range of motion (Kachingwe et al., 2008). 

  • In patients with subacute grade 2 ankle sprains, MWM demonstrated significantly improved ankle dorsiflexion range of motion immediately after performing the manual treatment compared to the control group (Collins et al., 2004).

  • For patients with lateral epicondylalgia (lateral elbow pain or tennis elbow) patients had significantly greater pain-free strength and maximum strength in the impaired elbow (Abbott et al., 2001).

How RTS Physio utilizes

Mobilization with movement

While RTS uses other exercise based interventions and other manual modalities (such as Dry Needling) we typically utilize Mobilization with movement to achieve full pain-free movements and are performed by our physical therapist in Scottsdale. Mobilization with Movement can be used on any joint and we typically see results quickly with this method depending on the pathology. To see joint and muscle mobilization try our mobilization with movement therapy in Scottsdale.

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