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Spinal manipulation

Spinal Manipulation is not only safe when performed by a medical professional, it is also a first line of treatment for many dysfunctions. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are taught by the Spinal Manipulation Institute lead by Dr. James Dunning, PT. 

These techniques can are typically not painful and allow for improved range of motion. Spine Manipulation can be used to help with neck, shoulder, low back pain or limitations just to name a few. 

Cervical Manipulation

Cervical Manipulation

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​Manipulations may reduce or eliminate:

  • Acute/Chronic neck and back pain or stiffness

  • Cervicogenic Headaches

  • Shoulder Pain or Decreased shoulder mobility

  • Radiating symptoms/pain

  • Sacroiliac (SI joint) Dysfunctions

  • And much more!

what the research says..

  • Due to the neurophysiological effects of spinal manipulation, it has been shown to help decrease tone or trigger points in a muscle and reduce symptoms. Spinal manipulation of the cervical and thoracic spine has also been shown to have significantly better results for mechanical neck pain versus the non-manipulation group (Dunning et al., 2012). 

  • The risk of worsening a lumbar disc herniation is 1 in 3.7 million (Oliphant et al., 2002)

  • There has been no evidence of increased risk for vertebrobasilar stroke with cervical manipulation (Cassidy et al., 2008).

How RTS Physio utilizes Manipulation

While spinal manipulation can have great results, it should never be the sole treatment technique with any physical therapy program. Following the spine manipulation, we typically have improved range of motion and less symptoms giving us a window of opportunity to do other manual techniques as well as corrective techniques to work on asymmetries and possible muscle imbalances. Call our team to schedule a Sine Manipulation and physical therapy treatment in Scottsdale. Our spinal adjustments are like no other!

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