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Runners always seem to “run through” the pain. Running is an outlet, a love, a way of life, and we get that! At RTS Physio the last thing we want to do or tell you is to stop running. We will start with treating your symptoms as well as the root problem to your discomfort. When we have a runner that comes to us with symptoms (say in the foot or knee) there is typically a deeper root problem. If this root problem isn’t corrected, the symptoms will simply never go away. 

Typical Pathologies Seen in Runners

  • IT Band Syndrome

  • Patellar Tendonitis 

  • Gastroc Stiffness

  • Plantar Fasciitis


All these pathologies typically have a root problem which must be corrected along with site of pain/discomfort. 

Physical Therapy Treatment Priorities: 

  • Find the source of the pain; typically, the site of pain isn’t the root cause of your pain

  • Decrease your symptoms and correct limitations with a joint by joint approach. 

  • Focus on manual treatment during your session and give you corrective exercises to do at home (this is crucial to see results!). 

If you are interested in having an RTS Physical Therapist help you return to running or reach your running goals, fill out this quick form!

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