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Overhead Athlete


The overhead athlete is by far one of our favorite populations to work with. This is due to the complexity of the movement and the results we get with these athletes. From optimizing these athletes to injuries, the body needs to be treated as one kinetic chain (we don’t just look at the shoulder). From elbow and shoulder pain to hip and low back pain/tightness, the entire spine and surrounding joint needs to be assessed. 

Image by Keith Johnston

Physical Therapy Treatment Priorities: 

  • Find the source of the pain; typically, the site of pain isn’t the root cause of your pain

  • Decrease your symptoms and correct limitations with a joint by joint approach. 

  • Focus on manual treatment during your session and give you corrective exercises to do at home (this is crucial to see results!). 


Every individual is different and should be treated different depending on what their limitations are. Each physical therapy treatment session will focus on progressing the athlete with a joint by joint approach, extensive manual treatment and updating their correctives each visit. 

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