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Headache Relief


Headaches come in many varieties and can be debilitating to many. RTS Physio has studied from some the leading experts in our field on this topic to improve the results for our headache patients. 


We specialize in Cervicogenic Headaches (Headaches caused from the neck). Our priority during physical therapy is to assess what joint or joints are limited in the neck and thoracic spine and to correct the restriction. Our treatment for headaches is manual based, NOT exercise based. In our clinical experience (and research shows) this consistently provides the best outcome for our headache patients!


Physical Therapy Treatment Priorities: 

  • Assess spine to find joint and soft tissue restriction that is causing your headache

  • Manual therapy (needling, manipulation, mobilization, and soft tissue work) to address limitations

  • Provide corrective movements to limit frequency and to correct limitation within the spine. 


Every individual is different and should be treated different depending on what their limitations are. Each physical therapy treatment session will focus on progressing the athlete with a joint by joint approach, extensive manual treatment and updating their correctives each visit. 

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