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Bodybuilding is a taxing and grueling sport where repetitive injuries and joint pathologies are common. These injuries can lead to decreased strength and limit progress. Movement compensations and postural malalignments are also common in bodybuilding which can be corrected with specialized physical therapy. By taking a manual and joint by joint approach, we can correct not only injuries but also correct postural and movement dysfunctions. 

Typical Bodybuilding Pathologies Seen: 

  • Postural and movement pattern dysfunctions

  • Overuse musculoskeletal injuries/tendonitis

  • Joint pain with specific exercises



All these pathologies typically have a root problem which must be corrected along with site of pain/discomfort. 

Physical Therapy Treatment Priorities: 

  • Find and correct source of pain with manual treatment

  • Correct pain with movement patterns (ie. Pain with lifting overhead, hip pain with deadlifting, etc) with Manual Mobilization with Movement

  • Provide corrective work to help improve postural dysfunctions

  • Provide maintenance manual work to keep joints healthy


Every individual is different and should be treated different depending on what their limitations are. Each physical therapy treatment session will focus on progressing the athlete with a joint by joint approach, extensive manual treatment and updating their correctives each visit. 

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Image by Jakob Owens
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