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Rts physio

Intern program

Dr Jake Petersen, Physical Therapist per

Learn more about our internship program


  1. Looking to get into a Physical Therapy/Physical Therapy Assistant program or a related program.

  2. Have a background in fitness/health or a related area that ties into RTS Physio’s core values. 

  3. Internship is a part-time, temporary position. Having a set schedule or semi-flexible schedule that meets the necessary requirements is a must. 


  1. Shadow/observe Doctors of Physical Therapy perform typical outpatient/orthopedic tasks to gain further experience.

  2. Learn basic ortho diagnostics during evaluations and treatments, learn anatomical/biomechanical movement essentials, learn general mobility and corrective exercises, learn how to properly document evaluation and daily treatment notes within a physical therapy clinic.

  3. Learn basic movement patterns defaults and how to correct with exercises, manual techniques, verbal cues and tactile cues.

how we will help

  1. We first want to provide a quality learning opportunity to learn outpatient Physical Therapy.

  2. We want you to be successful; if you are planning on going into Physical Therapy we will help you: (all pending successful internship) 

    • Come up with a strategic plan to get into physical therapy school and suggest ways to make resume stronger

    • Write a letter of recommendation 

  3. Help you achieve personal and professional goals which we will go over later in this packet. 

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