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Shoulder Impingement Rehab E-Book

Shoulder Impingement Rehab E-Book


Want to rehab on your own and believe you have a shoulder impingement? Try out our "Do it yourself" Shoulder Impingement Rehab E-Book.


You will recieve a PDF E-Book that includes:

  • Section on how the shoulder works
  • Section on how to know if you do have a shoulder impingement
  • The most recent research on shoulder impingements
  • Cited Research on the best ways to treat shoulder impingements
  • Four Phase Program to treat a Shoulder Impingement on your own


This E-Book also includes a link to videos of the Shoulder Rehab Program


Who Is This E-Book for:


  • Having shoulder pain and want to do something about it?
  • Don't want to go in to see a specialist?
  • Don't have time to get treated and want to try rehab on your own?
  • This E-Book is for you! 
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