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  • RTS Physiotherapy provides advanced manual techniques to optimize movement and help eliminate pain

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Alex D.

I've battled a hip condition that leads to a lot of back pain that has nagged me off-and-on for years. I went to a Chiropractor that would give me temporary relief. My PT, Jordan, helped to identify the root causes of my pain and come up with a plan to get back to running and playing sports without pain.

Sara K.

I've been having knee pain for several years which was starting to cause pain in other areas such as my low back. Other treatments have not worked for me. I haven't felt this great in a while and would definitely recommend RTS!

Jantz E.

I've been have been having low back pain for almost 6 years on and off and had tried a number of different places. After visiting RTS I had the best, most consistent relief I have felt in years. My PT was very hands on and methodical with her work. Would recommend RTS to anyone.

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